David Vs Goliath

So a nice day, headed to the EC. Had a fun surf session, small and weak but fun. Went to pick up some supplies next. Then figured I check another break before leaving. Got there not much really working, but something happened to catch my eye, well two things. First there must of been some issue cause someone wrote asshole on someone's trunk with sunscreen. None of my business though. The next thing I noticed was a little bit of red on a post. I had remembered seeing that someone had put a FOIL sticker there in the past and that's what I was seeing. Someone had worked to get it off. Plenty of other stickers still there on the post that have been there. No other local board brands though. So i

SUP Surfing

So first I'm not 100% proud to say or admit this. But I've never been a fan of Stand Up Paddle Surfing. I love the idea of it and I love SUP as a way exercising. Or even SUP on real real small days. Why the dislike? I know exactly why, and like most things we dislike it came mostly from not knowing and not really knowing guys that did SUP surf. Mainly I would see these "surfers" as competing with me for waves, and they had an advantage. They could see the swell coming first, and they were bigger. Which meant they float easier, paddle easier, and catch waves easier and sooner. Plus I would imagine they'd hurt more if you got ran over (although I never had been). I had only one real experience

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