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Will this board work for me?????

This is probably the one of the most common questions we get, if not the most common. So decided to do a quick blog on that generic question and hopefully it will help you. Or at least give you a bit of insight so when you do ask that question to a shaper you'll have more to give them besides "Will this board work for me?" So you can't just ask that generic question without providing some very basic info with that question. First question I usually ask as a follow up is what is your weight? This along with the second question will help determine if the volume of the board is right for you. So second question is what is your surfing ability? Normally I ask in fairly generic levels Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. We'll dive into those levels a bit. Beginner, catching white water waves and standing up for the most part. Intermediate is more catching open face waves and making some basic turns or cutbacks. Advanced is being able to make combo moves ie two and more connecting turns or more advanced maneuvers. The weight and skill level will help to give that recommended board volume. From there we can quickly decide if the board has the right amount of volume for you. Next is a very simple question, but also hard at times if you don't know what you want. And that's what are you looking for in the board? If you're looking for a board that is easy to paddle and catch waves then that little performance short board probably isn't the board you're looking for, even if the volume is right. So having a few questions ready to answer or providing them at the start of a conversation will help your shaper get you dialed in.


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