The BULLDOG was developed with the help of the Mel High Surf Club along with a few others. It is a shorter stocky board with versatility and can be ridden in smaller mushy surf to head high. A little extra volume in the rail and the thickness. Bottom features a Single to Double Concave. Allowing more drive and still loose turns. Five fin setup continues to The BULLDOG's treats. Ride it as Quad for more speed and looser rail to rail surfing. Or ride it as a thruster when the conditions require more hold or if you're looking for more vertical surfing. Choose either FCSII or Future fin base. Ride it a few inches shorter than your normal shortboard, the extra width and thickness will make up the volume difference. Part of the proceeds of each Bulldog sale goes to the Mel High Surf Club to help fund their Nationals Trip. Starting at $425

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