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Yellow Kraken Bottom
Yellow Kraken Deck
Yellow Kraken Bottom FCSII
Green Kraken
Green Kraken Futures
Blue Kraken
Blue Kraken Futures
Pink Kraken
Pink Kraken Futures
Orange Kraken
FCSII fin Setup
FOIL The Kraken

UNLEASH THE KRAKEN!!!! The Kraken is a creature with a fish outline and deep swallow tail. Along with a flat rocker to generate paddling speed and power. But then the twist comes in. A quad fin setup to make it more responsive, allowing no turn to get out of its tentacles. Choose from either FCSII or Futures fin setup. And a channel tail to act like a squid shooting ink to quickly accelerate and explosive speed. 5 Signature paint scheme finishes it out. "Let the day be cursed by we who ready to wake......The Kraken! Starting at $550

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