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Hello 2022

Another year behind us and we look forward to new year. Let's go over of the past year's highlights before we get into this year's plans.

2021 wasn't the best year for us, we failed to meet a bunch of our yearly goals. But we still were able to hit the ones we found most important. It was a year that we struggled with as many others did. Our overall sales were down and prices continued to rise on products and board materials. Due to restrictions it were unable to do our yearly board tour, first time we've missed that. There was also a delay in getting our next signature board into the market. However we'd rather focus on the positive and the goals we did meet. First FOIL moved into the new FOIL factory and we couldn't be happier about that. It was a much needed move to expand operations. Secondly we still made our annual Vet Board Giveaway a priority and was able to do that.

On to 2022 and what is in store for FOIL. First like every year we will continue to do our Vet Giveaway board. It's already in the planning phase and will be our biggest yet. So keep an eye out for that coming in October. We'll also do another Board Tour, even if meaning we stay domestic. Love to get out and meet surfers from different areas and expand our brand awareness so its a must this year. FOIL will out pushing to getting into another great surf shop this year, already in the works on that. Also looking to bring back events like Tubes n Tunes, just getting together for concerts and surf with the FOIL family. 2022 will mark the first year of an annual board swap meet will be hosting. It will be Jan 30, at the FOIL factory. Check out the facebook page (@foilsurf) for info on that.

We'd like to thank all of you from our FOIL family in your continued support of us. You all make so much of this possible and are why we do what we do. Thank you so much and we hope you all have a great 2022.


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