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Bye 2020, Hello 2021

As 2020 comes to a close, its time to reflect on the past year. While there was many difficulties for many this year, FOIL is proud and grateful for the things we were able to accomplish in 2020.

To start we had our fifth straight year of increased gross sales. While we had these increased sales, we were also able to maintain our current prices to our customers. This is very important to us as we look to stay true to our mission of great boards at even better prices. We watched many businesses,

families, and individuals struggle due to forces outside of their control. So we wanted to remain as one stable thing they could count on.

Secondly we add another sales out on the Gulf Coast. In September we announced that Clearwater Beach Paddleboards and Rentals in Clearwater Beach, FL would be carrying FOIL surfboards. This brought the number of surf shops on the Gulf Coast carrying FOIL to 4 amazing local shops. Along with that we're lucky enough to be

blessed with the opportunity to also add Surfboard Broker FL out of Stuart, FL to be the first distributor on the East Coast of Florida. These shops represent the same values that we hold, in supporting local and staying true to the surf communities.

At the end of January we were able to hold our annual Board Tour. This year was in Montanita, Ecuador and what an amazing trip it was. Stayed at Hotel Kundalini where the staff, food, and location were top notch. The surf was some of the best we've had on any past trip. This year we left behind a Kraken Model quad fish as our appreciation and so other could experience the brand.

The fourth signature board also went into production of us. The Calypso model is a retro quad fish. Designed as a Retro Fish Outline with a deep swallow tail. A low entry flatter rocker to generate paddling speed and power. The bottom is flat from nose to the center. Some added Vee out the tail, to help more rail to rail surfing. A quad fin setup for more speed and more responsive turns. Your choice of either FCSII or Futures fin base. Comes with Signature paint scheme and logo to finishes it out. Took it on the 2020 Board Tour in Ecuador to demo it and couldn't of been happier with the the response and feedback.

2020 was also our fourth year of the vet board giveaway. This is possibly the thing we are most proud of. As each year we do a surfboard giveaway to a past or current US Military member. The response we get each is humbling as so many deserving veterans enter, this year was no exception. A 6'2" Bulldog model with red, white, and blue logo along with matching red, white, and blue FCSII fin plugs. We look forward to next year's board.

With so much happening in 2020 we look to 2021 as another year to continue to grow the brand. We'd like to thank all the customers and friends that make up the FOIL family. You are the ones that make this brand and have made it possible to grow it to want it is today and where it's going. We'll continue to strive to meet your needs. 2021 will bring a few new exciting announcements and can't wait to see where 2021. Stay tuned.


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