New Pepper Album

New Pepper album "Ohana" released today. Had it pre-ordered and listen the full album twice first thing when it was downloaded. Another great album, cover to cover all perfect. Not back fully to punk reggae sound, but it does have that reggae vibe. They accomplished what they said they were gonna do. Make an album that would sound the same at a live show. And they put on a great live show. Its for sure an album worth the money. Check out the track "Reckless" and "Mistake" two very good tracks. Loved the whole album.

Skate Parks

So glad to see more and more skate parks popping up around. I remember growing up and and skating not being really accepted. A lot of my buddies would skate and when the surf down or when I was younger and didn't have a ride to the beach I'd skate with them. One of them had a small quarter pipe, then a few neighborhoods over there was a bigger quarter pipe at the end of dead end street. Its something that a few of the neighborhood dads made for the kids. And it was popular, never really any trouble caused by it. But of course the skate culture was frowned on so the city made them take it down. Anywhere we's skate, we'd get hassled. No matter what we did. There was nowhere to go, so as a yout

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