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Our New Signature Board

FOIL surfboards has released it's first Signature Board. The Pill is what the Doctor ordered. Looking for a design for the summer blues in FL. A new option instead of longboard. Its a wider and thicker board for extra volume. Flatter rocker with a bit of added volume to rails to get everything out of weaker mushy surf. But we didn't want a board for just small days. So added some concave to get some drive. Topped off with Vee thru the tail to keep it responsive and surf rail to rail. Then with FCS 2+1 fin setup, added many options. Ride it as a Single fin, or if you want a bit more bit throw in the side fins, or even with the FCS Longboard Adapter ride it as a Thruster in those slightly bigger days. After the design was done, we thought since its the pill let's do a Signature Color Scheme. So we came up with the two tone color, which we think matched. FOIL is very excited about this first of many Signature Boards coming out of the shop. Be sure to get your scrip filled before the Summer.


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