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The New FCS Freedom Leash is finally in stock. Its comes in 6' length and 4 colors: Black, Orange, Charcoal/Green (or Yellow if you ask me), and Blue. Some of its features: High Tensile Over-Braided Nylon Cord Thinner, lighter & stronger. Limited over-stretch designed to return to original length. Reduces tangling and drag. Precision Engineered Cuff Silicone Grip Print - Reduces slipping around ankle. 3MM Neoprene Padding - Thin, light and comfortable. Low Profile Moulded Velcro - Stronger & more reliable. Lightweight Moulded Pull Tab Ergonomic, quick release. Composite Horn Foam filled, light and shock absorbing. Extended horn length to reduce tangling.Streamlines Rail saver Less drag, thinner & lighter. Better Hydrodynamics.

Its lighter for sure and has a good feel. It's designed for waves up 5'. Feels strong and seems like it would hold up in some larger head high surf. Love the colors and feel of it. The cuff is very comfortable. Only down side is price, coming in at $45 its not cheap. However it seems worth it, would be a good front line leash and maybe have a Classic or Essential as a back up as a cheaper choice. In all very happy with the Freedom Leash, they are hard to come by as the supplies are selling out as soon as they come in. But eventually the production will catch up to the demand. So check one out.

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