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Board Tour 2018: Haiti Surf

So what the trips are all about the surf. Really had a blast there surfing in Haiti. Pretty much what you'd expect out of the Caribbean, blue waters and warm. Wearing board shorts in February is great. So as for the spot only surfed Kabic Beach, but was super fun. Mornings were clean and fun, was about to surf each morning for around 1hr to 1.5hrs. And pretty had the break to myself. Then again just after noon it seemed to hold up well and a few more people out. The evenings would get a bit more funky with more winds and would seem to get the most crowed then, but still only a handful of people out. Each day saw around head high or so. Super easy paddle out and a pretty friendly workable beach break. Definitely worth a trip, and would go back sometime. There's other breaks along the coast too that would be fun to explore.

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