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Board Tour 2018: Villa Nicole

After taking the long walk down to the beach with two boards in hand and a surf backpack. Decided better look for another place to stay. Luckily had looked at a few places before the trip, so wasn't totally lost. First was PolyBriz, but didn't have direct beach access and no pool. So walked over to Villa Nicole. Super glad I did. Walked in and asked if they had any rooms. The lady at the desk didn't speak English much so she got the manager on the phone. After I talked with him for a few minutes, I was on my way to being checked in. He even gave me a discount on the normal rate. So just to start the hotel was right on the break, in fact I used it to line up the spot. Beautiful hotel by Haiti standards for sure. Nice bathroom with AC and TV. The staff was great and super helpful. There was a breakfast that was included, which was good. In Haiti there's a great grate fruit like drink t hat was amazing. Pool right there which was so refreshing after the surf sessions. It also had a great vibe to the property. Now there was no restaurant right on the grounds but they would order for you and pick up. It could take some time, so after the first night just learned to order a little earlier, but no big deal. The food was so good. Only thing I would say bad was that there was power outages during the day, but would be minimal and really didn't notice as most of the time was surfing, in pool, or chilling by the pool and beach. Advised the manager that they really need to start marketing as a surf destination. To which he replied they would love to and if anyone comes back from my group or that's a friend of FOIL to let him know and they'd get a discount as well. Next: Port Au Prince

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