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Board Tour 2018: Haiti Surf Guest House

The first placed we visited was Haiti Surf Guest House. This one is hard to review and had to fight feelings on this one. After the owner gave a bad review on AIRBNB of me. I want remain true to my core and just an honest review. Found this place first off Facebook and it looked cool as hell. Kept going back and forth on whether to stay there or elsewhere. Well first the price was what first expected at staying in Haiti, around $45 a night. Had so many questions and kept sending them messages on Facebook. They were quick to answer and after a bit picked Haiti Surf Guest House as the place. Guest House set up for a driver to meet at the airport. As we got near started up a mountain to the guest house, which seemed long. When arrived the place looked amazing. Got a quick tour of the grounds and some info. So here's the positives, Super Cool Vibe. The workers were amazing and friendly. Very cool natural pool, fed by the river down the hill. Barley noticed any bugs at nice. And with only a fan it was still cool at night. Now let's get to root of it. Should be marketed as an ECO LODGE NOT a SURF Guest House. Solar powered, which fits the ECO Lodge. Was told it was a short walk down to the beach, NOT the case. It was 15 to 20 minutes down the hill carrying two boards. You couldn't check the surf from there, so had to either walk down check and go grab boards or bring boards and hope for the best. So with maybe 2 or 3 trips a day not really feasible. No restaurant on the grounds, they would order food for you. No real breakfast although they claimed there was. No fridge to keep supplies that stopped at the grocery store for on the way in. One the first night the water stopped and again the next day no water. Checkout after one night and booked elsewhere. So the owner then gave a bad review trying to make claims on the chance that we gave them a bad review. Claiming no power due to no power in the area, but the new place had power at the bottom of the hill. Said water was running, after being down for just a sort period. But was the whole day and half we were there. In fact it would run for a minute then no pressure and no water. After checked out only asked for a slight refund of two nights while there still was 5 nights left there. Told him I want to see them succeed. Book here, for ECO Lodge not surfing. Stay at one of the spots by the beach for surfing. Next Week, second hotel Villa Nicole.

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