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Board Tour 2018: Travelling

Well the travel to Haiti itself is pretty easy. Just like most Caribbean Countries, flights direct out Florida is quick and fairly cheap. Port Au Prince airport is a pretty basic airport and getting thru customs wasn't a big issue. Note that there's a $10 fee when entering. There were plenty of drivers waiting at the airport to give you ride. Also found renting a car wasn't too badly priced. Prior to arrival had a driver already setup, since it was a 3 to 3.5 hour drive to Kabic. And the round trip price wasn't too much less than renting. What a great idea, Jackson the driver was there waiting. No way would I of found my way out of the city let alone to Kabic. The traffic is crazy in Port Au Prince and so glad I didn't have to deal with it. Many times I thought we were gonna hit something or someone. No signs really to tell much and barely any traffic lights. It was along drive, but along the way talked a lot with Jackson. A very cool guy that was in a "band" there in Jacmel. We stopped by a grocery store on the way in for some "supplies" alcohol and such. While there at Kabic Jackson would stop by and hang out and was always willing to take us anywhere. There was also a car at Villa Nicole that would take us around, the manager said it would just pretty much cost gas. Jackson was there for the early flight back. One crazy part was his car broke down on the way back to the airport. After hitting a bump, so we looked under the hood and I found an intake hose had come off from the bump reattached it and we were off. Happened a few more times along the way, no big deal. He'd pull over I'd jump out reattach it and we were off. Up next week: Haiti Surf GuestHouse

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