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New Signature Board

FOIL just released its second Signature Board, "The Bulldog". Very proud and excited about this board. Staying true to its roots of giving back and offering boards at a good price. FOIL worked with the Mel Surf Club and a few others. After a few designs came up with "The Bulldog" template. It's a shorter, stocky board and designed to handle smaller mushy surf to head high. The bottom has a single to double concave. Made to be ridden a few inches shorter than your normal board. A bit of added thickness to the rails and width will give it the volume to make up for the length. Five fin plugs allows for more choices, pick either FCSII or Futures bases. I've rode this board in smaller thigh high surf to head high and slightly overhead and loved it. And staying true to the FOIL mission, part of the proceeds for each Bulldog sale goes back to the Mel High Surf Club to help fund their program and Nationals Trip. Learn more about it at:

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