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El Paredon Board Tour Part 3

Part 3 we'll over were we stayed. Found a cool place "The Driftwood Surfer" online. After looking it over and another place over, decided on it. Driftwood Surfer is very cool hostel type of a place, with dorm rooms, private rooms with shared bathroom, and private rooms with private bathroom. Location was perfect right on the break. It also had a very cool vibe with great prices. Not for families and little ones. They did a buffet style dinner each night for a good price. It was very cool because it had you meeting everyone. They also did games each night after dinner, such as pub trivia. There's pool with a bar, had volleyball games going, hammocks to chill in, and a place right on the beach to chill at. Of course there was Potato too, the potbelly pig, a huge hit of everyone. Driftwood was a great gem, we were lucky to find.

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