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2017 Board Tour Part 2

So after arriving in Guatemala City and driving to El Paredon, there was enough daylight to get a quick session in. Ran down to check the surf. Looked fun, about chest high and pretty clean. Waxed the board and hit the water. Had a solid week of surf mainly around the chest high range, some a little bigger at head high and some a bit smaller. El Paredon was fun workable Beach Break. Mornings were always clean, and then again just before sunset it would clean up again. Mid days got junkie, but there was plenty to do between sessions. Head to just over head high sets would mostly closeout and after talking with a local he claims that then it would start to work again a foot or two overhead. In all very fun break, workable and not too crowded. Warm water and fun people. Would go back in a heart beat and explore more breaks. Check out the Photo Video and Photo Album of the trip on Facebook. Next time we'll go over the loction.

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