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2016 Board Tour Part 2

Now once at Beach Break Surf Camp, what a turnaround. Got us right checked in to a nice room. Quickly unloaded and went to restaurant for some grub and drinks. Pizza Gavilan was awesome, not a huge menu but there were many different pizza choices. We had some pizza at least once a day and never let down. Then there was the tacos, another hit. Hammocks out in front of the rooms, a nice pool, and pool table. Along with Indo Boards which were another hit. Beach Break sat right on the beach and prefect location. Again Nathan was amazing, first by changing my reservations. Then giving me a ton of info about the break. The whole crew was fantastic. The room smelt so clean and fresh after they cleaned it. Every morning someone was cleaning the pool and they were constantly fixing stuff and painting. The whole staff was very friendly.

There were a few other places to eat right along the beach that we tried too, all very good and a little different.

Now the surf, unfortunately you win some and you lose some. Changing the date of the trip put us not in the prime window anymore. We seemed to get there right in between swells too. Nathan added that Hurricane Otto was really messing it up too. That it changed the winds and gave it shorter swell period. With that said not the worst either. Reminded me of an EC beach break, but with a bit more punch. Easy paddle and most days was at least waist high. However they weren't the peeling long rides, very short and a lot of closeouts. It was overcast most days too and some rain from time to time, again thanks Otto. But 2 or 3 surf sessions a day and in a beautiful country , still pretty good.

We showed some boards, plastered some stickers around and made some friends a hopefully continued to spread the brand. Would love to get back there in a more prime time and catch it again when its going off.

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