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So first I'm not 100% proud to say or admit this. But I've never been a fan of Stand Up Paddle Surfing. I love the idea of it and I love SUP as a way exercising. Or even SUP on real real small days. Why the dislike? I know exactly why, and like most things we dislike it came mostly from not knowing and not really knowing guys that did SUP surf. Mainly I would see these "surfers" as competing with me for waves, and they had an advantage. They could see the swell coming first, and they were bigger. Which meant they float easier, paddle easier, and catch waves easier and sooner. Plus I would imagine they'd hurt more if you got ran over (although I never had been). I had only one real experience with them and it wasn't good. One had caught off my buddy that had the wave lined up and this guy just came and dropped in on him. It seems like they grew in numbers at breaks around me and I didn't like it.

Then came today, little waist high clean leftovers. When I pulled up, break was crowded and I could see all the SUP gear in the parking lot. Took a look, and crowded with plenty of SUP out there. Well I'm not willing on giving up on my break yet, So paddle out. Not too bad, a couple of times me and a SUP guy are going for the same wave. Looks like he's got the peak so I back off. After the second time the guy tells me sorry, of course instead of it a big deal I say no worries. Then he shocks me, no man you go for them I'll back off if you're dropping in. Then adds I can get them so much easier and you guys have to work harder for them. Had I found the one cool SUP? I thought so till a bit later it happens again. A different SUP tells me no man you go for them I'll back off. Wow, maybe I had it wrong the whole time. End up talking a bit with them and turned out having a fun session and meeting some new cool guys. Goes back to that old adage, everything I needed to know I learned in kindergarten. Don't judge a book, treat others like you want to be treated, and spread good vibes!!!!!!

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