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Surf Etiquette

So over the past week I've seen quite a few of things that newer and even some not new surfers need to remember. Its all about Surf Etiquette, some very simple things that keeps the good vibes.

First, one I noticed was dropping. Now closest to the peak has the wave, however I saw two guys drop in on a peak. One went Left and the other went Right, everything cool right. Well the guy dropping in on the right then tried to come around the broken wave and yell at the guy that dropped in on the Left. Come on guy, you had the Right.

The Next came to just paddling for every wave. Man I see this all the time, stop paddling for every wave. Especially if you're not gonna get it. You make other guys miss a wave and then it comes guys are gonna paddle after the same wave as you and drop in on you. Don't get pissed when it happens, you brought this on yourself.

Don't stand or paddle in the takeoff zone, and if you do don't yell and get pissed at guys dropping in. Get the hell out of the way. Remember if you're paddling out, paddle behind the guy dropping in or already surfing.

Simple things like this can make or break your spot. Be cool, relax, and let's have some fun.

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