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Tubes and Tunes

Wow what a Kickoff to the 2017 Tubes and Tunes. First great swell hit the EC on Saturday. Very lucky the timing was right. And of course the concert. Ballyhoo! was amazing once again. This was the second time we've seen them during a tubes and tunes and they rocked again. Played some of the past stuff and some new stuff off the upcoming album Girls. Then of Dirty Heads took the stage, this was the third time we've been able to catch them on a Tubes and Tunes. And Second they were the main act. Dirty Heads put on a great show, played some new stuff and even they day had released a new EP album Desserts. Quickly downloaded and its another solid one. Venue was a bit tight, but the weather was great. If you haven't seen Ballyhoo! or Dirty Heads live, try to you won;t be disappointed. Dirty Heads will be at Reggae Rise Up Florida in St Pete on March 4 & 5.


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