Here's our idea of a Board Room. You can visit here to see boards in Production or some Past ones. Click on any of the pictures to enlarge them.

Some past boards. Watch them go from foam to finish.

Customer Boards


Watch some the customer boards be made. If you order one maybe yours would be shown.

5'6"  Lynn's Mini Egg

5'6" Mini Egg design, made to handle small  to head high surf. Wide and thick, with 2+1 fin setup. Falsa Airbrush to top it off. Watch it go from from Foam to Finish.

8'0" Dewey Mini

8'0" Mini Log design, made to handle small surf. Made to get into the waves early and when its there perform. Single to Double Concave, bit hard rails than longboards.  Watch it go from from Foam to Finish.

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