Surfboard Repair

You're gonna get dings and damage to your board from time to time. Here's a bit of advice. First comes before you ever even get a ding. Plan for it, its gonna happen. So take two boards when you go, if you get damage switch boards. Water is death to your board, the foam will break down and it will delaminate. If you're on a trip bring a quick repair kit like Ding All, that quick repair should get you thru the trip. If you're gonna do the repair yourself, take the time to do it right. Don't just throw some Ding All filler in it and call it a day. You need you clean the area, fill it, add new cloth, new resin, and sand it. One thing that drives board repair guys nuts is having to fix a bad hal

FCS Pancho Review

A little look at the FCS Pancho. If you got to change in public this is a great upgrade to the towel. I've used this in the past mainly during the winter when I had to change in and out of my wetsuit. However I just started to use it to change out of my board shorts too, instead of a towel. If you're like me and don't live a few minutes from your break, have somewhere to go right after a session, or just wanna get out of those wet board shorts then this is a great product. Its look enough to fully cover and its easy to have your arms inside. Its made of a Chamois Material which allows it to dry quickly. The FCS Pancho retails for $56 and worth it.

Surf Etiquette

So over the past week I've seen quite a few of things that newer and even some not new surfers need to remember. Its all about Surf Etiquette, some very simple things that keeps the good vibes. First, one I noticed was dropping. Now closest to the peak has the wave, however I saw two guys drop in on a peak. One went Left and the other went Right, everything cool right. Well the guy dropping in on the right then tried to come around the broken wave and yell at the guy that dropped in on the Left. Come on guy, you had the Right. The Next came to just paddling for every wave. Man I see this all the time, stop paddling for every wave. Especially if you're not gonna get it. You make other guys mi

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